To Become a Member of the Union

  1. You must first obtain a job by applying under ‘job Line Position’ on this website. Anyone may apply for work, you do not have to be a union member to apply for work.
  2. If you are successful in obtaining a job, the option to join the union may be given to you after you successfully complete a probation period. Please contact the union office when you have completed your probationary period.
  3. Please do not send us your resume. If you apply for work and we require a resume, we will request it from you.

For a listing of the trades we represent, please click here.

Transfer and Travel Cards

Members of other Operating Engineers Locals (ie. 115, 793, 955, etc.) may apply for work and if successful, will be dispatched on a Travel Card. For anyone wishing to transfer their membership, all Transfer Cards will be reviewed after you have obtained a job and have started work.