Organizing is another word for unionizing. By organizing a company, you give yourself a strong voice in the workplace. The Union can ensure all employees are treated fairly and have a say in their wages, benefits and health and safety.

It is your legal right to be a member of a trade union and to have union representation. Employers do not need to give you their permission to become unionized. The Newfoundland Labour Relations Act regulates labour relations and collective bargaining in this Province. The Act guarantees employees the right to seek collective bargaining and establishes a framework for employees to make this choice freely.

Labour Relations Act Section 25- Prohibitions relating to employers.

“25. (1) An employer and a person acting on behalf of an employer shall not seek by intimidation, threat of dismissal or other kind of threat, or by the imposition of a monetary or other penalty or by other means to compel a person to refrain from becoming or to stop being a member, officer or representative of a trade union”

A great tool the union has for organizing non-union companies is its own members.  Organizing non-union companies is a way to ensure the future of our Local. Cooperation and support from all our union members who are working non-union is essential if we are going to provide greater benefits and protect workers rights for everyone in the industry. Organizing will create more job opportunities for our membership.   

IUOE Local 904 has built a team of trained Organizers who are available to provide confidential advice and support to answer any questions you may have. Our Organizers lead the way and will work with you and your fellow coworkers through the organizing process. It starts with you!

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